Let me help take your team image to another level.  Like a company who increases their brand, so can an athletic team.  The creative process starts with a meeting held with select members of your squad.  From there the brainstorming begins and the photo shoot transforms.  Once the photo shoot happens, we are able to create large banners that can hang in the stadium, on the field or in the gym that represents the team.  We can also go through and shoot individual images of the team members as well.  These are not the cookie cutter photos that you are used from years and years of pre-ordering images you have never seen.  No, think of images that you see in National Ad campaigns and now apply that to your team.

For team packages at the club and high school level, I do not offer the traditional pre-orders.  Rather, once the photo shoot is done, you are able to go to my web site using a link and password and choose what you want to order.  No more ordering images without knowing what they look like!  This is also great for families who have people across the country who would like images as well.  Just email them the link and password and let them order their own!  Once you've placed your order, the images are picked up by my lab, produced, shipped and mailed directly back to you at your easy is that?

Give Robert Wachtendonk Photography a call to start the process of pushing the image of your team to new heights.

* Contact to discuss your specific needs and pricing.