Real Estate


My goal as your photographer is not to just "take pictures".  My photographs are intended for two sole purposes, 1) To portray you as a Professional Real Estate Broker, who's surrounds themselves with a team of professionals, AND 2) to SELL THAT HOME!  Since the internet is a vital part of home searches, it is critical that you provide your client with images that will excite potential buyers emotionally, and motivate them to view the property.  The more visitors to the home, the more opportunities to sell it.  In my view, I am a partner in your business.  Please consider me as an investment in your success.

You will find that I am easy to work with, prompt, professional and courteous.  I am conscientious of the homes I photograph, and while I leave a small footprint, I make a lasting impression and so do my photographs.


Remember, clients don't hire Photographers to sell their homes, and they don't hire Realtors to photograph it.

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