Graduation & Family Portraits

Graduation and Family portraits  can have a range of looks from very casual, to sporty, to dress up formal depending on what the senior wants to capture as he/she transitions to a new phase of life. Senior portraits need to capture the personality of the individual and also capture poses for the yearbook, graduation announcements, and family keepsakes. Families love to have pictures of their graduating seniors. I offer senior portrait services throughout the Snoqualmie Valley and all of Western Washington. A quality portrait is timeless, elegant, and priceless. At Robert Wachtendonk Photography, I strive to make every portrait a masterpiece that you will treasure for a lifetime.

I offer portrait session packages for The Snoqualmie Valley, Downtown Seattle. Alki Beach, or anywhere in the Puget Sound area.  Prior to our session, I will schedule time to meet the graduate as well as their family so I can learn more about you and what you want in your photo shoot. 

A portrait session should not break the bank.  That is the old business model from photographers where you pay for a sitting fee and then you are pressured into buying expensive prints.  With so many options out there for your printing needs, my approach is to supply you with a number of digital files that you can create and make the prints you want, at a price that won't make you take out a loan.  As an example, a senior portrait session with other photographers could surpass $2,000 or more while the average senior portrait session with Robert Wachtendonk Photography will only cost a flat $600 if shot before August 1st and $650 if shot after August 1st and if shot in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Here is what I offer:

  • In person consult with senior and their parents to discuss overall shoot
    • This gives me a chance to get to know the senior as communication is so important
    • Discuss what type of images the senior and parents want (not always the same thing)
    • Just as important, what they do not want as well
    • Discuss location options
    • Discuss wardrobe options
    • Discuss hair and makeup (for the girls)
    • Talk about timing and set preliminary date for shooting
  • Day of shoot 
    • I pick you up with our Suburban, that way we are all together as we move from place to place
    • Photo shoot will last 2 – 2.5 hrs
    • We will choose 3-5 locations if shooting in the Valley
    • No limit to the number of wardrobe changes but we need to be smart about it so it doesn't eat a bunch of time
    • Perfect time to have the entire family together and get a family portrait as part of the package
  • After the shoot 
    • Once the shoot is complete, I create a password protected gallery where 100% of your unedited images will be placed for viewing
    • You will go through the images and choose 10 final images which will be retouched and edited
      • Getting to 10 is not an easy feat ha ha ha
      • You can purchase images beyond the packaged 10
    • Once retouching is done, you will have access to download images for print products and the same images formatted for electronic needs
    • I will submit the image you want to use for the yearbook
    • There are many options out there so for senior portraits, I do not offer prints.  This also keeps the cost down

* Contact to discuss your specific needs.

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