Heidi-50         For Her

"There is no physical barrier to experiencing yourself as beautiful, only your belief" - Harold H. Bloomfield

My vision is to make EVERYDAY women feel and look glamorous.  A “For Her” photo shoot is for women who are in college to women who are single, career focused, married, soccer moms, divorcees, empty nesters and grandmas.  These women have given so much of themselves to others that they often times forget or don ' t have time for themselves.

When was the last time you took professional photos of yourself?  Really… was it your wedding photos?  If you aren't married, was it your High School Senior Portraits?  I invite you to a personal session with me to celebrate and document the person you are TODAY.  It will change the way you feel and see yourself.

Packages can include professional hair and makeup as well as having a professional model on the shoot if you so choose.  She can be there to help you be more comfortable in front of the camera as you strike just the right pose.  

This is a time for you to feel glamorous, sensuous and beautiful.

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